Welcome to my tiny corner of the Internet, in my tiny corner of the world, in our miniscule corner of the universe!


I'm pretty new to html, so if you're on portrait orientation for any device you're viewing this website with, please rotate it to landscape. It'll look way better.

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Reading: Turtles All The Way Down - John Green

Watching: nothing

Goals for this site:

  • Making the links functional!
  • Making my own divider!
  • Making an image gallery for the Art page
  • Space page entries: Stars, blackholes, neutron stars, time travel, planet 9
  • I feel like I should maybe make my About page more in-depth
    e.g. writing about films, tv shows, books I like...etc
  • I need to find out how to make an image gallery for the art page, or link to another site/photo album to make it easier to

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