Welcome to my tiny corner of the Internet, in my tiny corner of the world, in our miniscule corner of the universe!


I'm pretty new to html, so if you're on portrait orientation for any device you're viewing this website with, please rotate it to landscape. It'll look way better. This website is generally responsive, but there may be gaps in some areas...

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Charities to donate to:

I want to add a separate page for charities I think are good causes. I was inspired by Dokibird's charity stream (currently streaming as I'm typing this). I am passionate about charity work, and want to start doing more of it too. Since I don't really use social media, I've never had much of a 'platform'. Now, I still don't have a platform, but at least my words will reach others. If you have any charities that you know that you think should be added, please let me know!

Anything new?

Changed name to Sona (somehow the meaning is the same even though the root languages are very different)

Made another font. I think I prefer this one since it's more similar to my own handwriting, and I'd say bigger paragraphs look nicer since it's less thick.

Changed my icon in 'About'. Let me know if the glitch animation is too distracting so I can change it.

Moved about stuff in the sidebar so my extra site pages are more visible while also keeping the credits visible

Fixed the music page so it's actually readable (turns out I had a dodgy link in my style section

CHATBOX HAS MOVED! Go to the sidebar (you might have to scroll down) and it should be under the credits

Wondering where your button's gone? I made a new section called links which can also be found at the bottom of the sidebar

Goals for this site:

  • Making an image gallery for the Art page
  • Space page entries: Stars, blackholes, neutron stars, time travel, planet 9

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If you want to link my site, please comment on my profile or in my chatbox so I can link you back!