might be a bit of a vent

um hi again... i'm still trying to figure out how to make this blog look nicer than just a bunch of text. maybe i should use something like dreamwidth? but i dont think i would upload frequently enough for it to be useful in any way.

Ranting about nothing and everything

I'm still on the fence about the blog... while it seems cool i think its going to be something that I do consistently about twice and then it's going to become an empty husk of a webpage... Same with the book reviews... my first one was so long but that's just because i felt strongly about the book... i don't think i'll be able to write as much for books that I like, which is kind of worrying. I don't want people to shy away from books I love just because my outward entusiasm isn't as large as my internal enthusiasm, that would be horrible. If I start investing more time into this website, I'll use a better site to make my font - this one has no numbers. I keep on adding more things to my website even though I haven't even finished some of my most basic goals... i added music and i don't know why. Probably just to feel like i've achieved something as my other responsibilities just continue to pile up...